Goodbye Perfectionism: Stop Doing That And Start Doing This (Personal Growth Strategy)

I recently had an interviewer ask me about my journey from being an attorney to following my purpose and passion as an inspirational speaker, author, and Christian life & business coach..

“What has been the most challenging part of your journey?”

My answer….the need to be perfect.

In the beginning, I was ecstatic about fulfilling my soul’s purpose, but at the same time afraid that I would suck at it.

I agonized over every little detail of my business and became paralyzed by my  need to make sure everything was “just right.” 



Perfection Paralysis Is Real

I can share this with you because I know I’m not alone.

Perfection paralysis prevents many Christian women from achieving the personal and professional success they truly desire.

 Whether it’s starting a new career, launching a business, writing a book, or even going back to school, the fear that we won’t quite be good enough holds many of us back from unleashing our fullest God-given potential.

Instead of living passionate, purposeful. and prosperous lives , we settle for much less than God’s best for us. Not because it isn’t for us, but because we won’t give ourselves permission to make event the slightest mistake.

It’s a dangerous condition.

But, perfection paralysis is not a permanent predicament.  It can be cured. 

Today, I’m going to give you one simple strategy that will help you to stop the perfection paralysis and start moving toward your fullest God-given potential.

Here we go…


Do you ever stop yourself from starting a new project because when you think about people you admire you say, “I don’t think I could ever be as good as they are…”

 Stop That!


 Because you are comparing your beginning to someone else’s ending.    

 When you hold yourself to a standard it took someone else years to attain, you’ll never be able to measure up.


 Here’s something for you to consider—Every pro started out as an amateur.

 Instead of skipping ahead to the end, start from the beginning.  Learn the skills you need to develop now to mover you toward the goals you would like to accomplish.

 One of the best ways to do this is by spending time with a mentor—someone who has accomplished the things you’d like to accomplish someday.  Take your mentor out to lunch and ask her…

                How did you get started doing what you are currently doing?

                What skills did you have to develop in order to get where you are today?

                What lessons have you learned along the way?

 Chances are, you’ll discover that the person you admire had to start with similar (or maybe even much more difficult) circumstances. 


 A Step A Day Keeps The Paralysis Away.

 It doesn’t take huge leaps to overcome perfection paralysis.  Taking just one small action step a day helps you to build momentum toward your goals.  I invite you to claim your free download of the 31 Days of Personal Growth Calendar and receive a month full of simple activities you can take to enhance your personal and spiritual growth every day.

Brought to you by Benecia Ponder, dedicated to helping you live with an abundance of passion, purpose, power, and prosperity.

Celebrating Self Improvement Month: 30 Days That Will Transform Your Life (Business, Health, Finances, and Happiness too!)

Did you know that September is National Self Improvement Month?

Me neither…not until about a week ago.

As I was planning my video blog content for the month, I came across an announcement and thought…

“What could be better than a whole month dedicated to celebrating your personal growth and development?”

Not much!

That’s why I’ve planned an entire month of videos and articles
specially to enhance your personal, professional, and spiritual

And, I’ve also created the 31 Days of Personal Growth Calendar to give
you quick and easy to do actions you can take every day. (Yes, I
know September only has 30 days. But, this is a calendar you can
use all year long! :) )

“Nothing In Your Life Will Grow Unless You Do.”

When it comes to growing your business, improving your health, building wealth, and enjoying greater happiness and satisfaction in your life, personal growth is critical to your success. That is why Self Improvement Month is so powerful.

This is the month focused on making changes, embracing a fresh outlook, and taking advantage of new opportunities.

 I invite you to use Self Improvement Month as a starting point where you’ll get used to focusing on making improvements rather than just going through the motions of day-to-day life.


Grow Everyday

 Taking just one small action step a day helps you to build momentum toward your goals.  I invite you to claim your free download of the Daily Personal Growth  Calendar and receive a month full of simple activities you can take to enhance your personal and spiritual growth every day.

 Brought to you by Benecia Ponder, dedicated to helping you live with an abundance of passion, purpose, power, and prosperity.


Focus On Authenticity (part 1): The Struggle To Have Success On Your Own Terms


Do you ever feel like you’re wearing a mask to please others? Do you sometimes hold back for fear of being criticized or rejected? Have you ever felt that you’re not good, smart or attractive enough to get what you want?

 If you’re anything like most people, you try really hard to conform and “get along.”



 In order to fit in, you compare yourself to others and criticize every aspect of how you look, act, talk, dress & feel. You’re tearing yourself apart…from the inside out – all in an effort to please others and be accepted.

 But…you’re supposed to be prefect, right?

That’s what you’ve been told all your life…in school, at work, from the media…even your friends & family expect nothing short of perfection from you.

 …if you could just try a little harder, eat a little less, say the right things to the right people…

 The tragedy is, at the end of a day full of “shoulds” and unmet expectations, you know that it’s all just a show. You know that what’s important is what’s inside of you, but you go on living out-of-touch with that core connection…and if you don’t already, you’ll end up hating yourself for it.

 Does this sound familiar to you?

Uncovering your true self is the secret to accessing your unique strengths and living your greatest life.

 Many people hide their gifts in order to fit in. They feel that if they can just act normal, they’ll achieve success & happiness. Unfortunately, another word for “normal” is “mediocre.” Nothing great comes from mediocrity…success comes from sustained GREATNESS. And the only way to know your greatness is to shine.

 But wait!!! What if you shine & somebody takes a shot at you? I mean, if you poke your head up above the crowd, you become an easy target, right? Easy targets get criticized, picked on, and outright rejected…and that HURTS.

 Well as you’re probably well aware…the ongoing pain of living inauthentically  is far greater. To live each day knowing that you could be sharing your gifts & reaping your rewards, but staying small & getting along instead…that’s the most painful experience one could face.

YOU ARE PERFECT, exactly as you are, RIGHT NOW.

Here is a word of encouragement for you today.

You don’t need the approval and validation of your peers, more money or stuff, or anything else to make you a better person. YOU’VE GOT THE GOODS, and the more you realize that and share your specialness with the world, the happier you’ll be.

 I know, I know…easier said than done. Don’t worry, I’ve come up with something that will help.  

In my new, fun & interactive webinar, I will help you escape mediocrity, find your greatness & shine as only you can. This training will show you the path to freedom through AUTHENTICITY.  Click her to access it now ->