Are you tired of your vision boards not working for you?

Have you ever had a vision board not work for you? 

I know I certainly have.

 There was even a time when I almost stopped creating vision boards. 

 As a life and business coach, I am well aware of all of the scientific studies about visioning and goal setting.  I’ve read the reports of people who’ve used vision boards for years and always seem to get amazing results.

 But,  vision boards just were not working for me. 

 Never one to give up a challenge, I determined to find out why others were havign sucess with then vision boards when I wasn’t.  And, you know what I discovered…

 Vision Boards DO Work…If you know how to work them!

I learned that there are five critical mistakes most people make when it comes to creating vision boards.  Once I corrected these mistakes in my own life, I’ve been able to accomplish and even exceed my vision board expectations every year since.

 On Monday, January 19th, I’m hosting a very special Virtual Vision Board Retreat to help you set your 2015 goals with intention, purpose, and power.  And, I’ll even guide you through taking your first steps to making your dreams a reality! 

 On this powerful webinar, you’ll:

  • Mentally & spiritually prepare to make 2015 your most prosperous year ever
  • Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes of vision board creation
  • Discover what it really takes to make your vision board work for you.


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Conquer Your Dreams in 2015 (Part 6): Get Started NOW!

For the past five days, I’ve shared with you tips and strategies to help you conquer your goals in 2015.

Now, it’s time to get moving.  My final tip for you is ===> START NOW!

Yes…right NOW!  (Well..right after you read this post :) )

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” ~Mark Twain

As a recovering perfectionist, I’ve always had the tendency to make sure things were just right before I took action. In fact, it was almost two years after God gave me the initial vision for my first book before I wrote the first words because I was striving for perfection and waiting for the “right time”.

There’s nothing wrong with having a high standard of excellence and taking the proper steps to prepare, but let me take a load off of your mind: You’re not perfect. No one on this Earth is perfect. Part of the beauty in living a God-centered life of abundant success is that He is with you every step of the way. As if that wasn’t enough, God also makes sure that even your mistakes work for you and propel you further on your journey.

So, no more excuses. No more waiting. Begin to take action now. It’s time to get moving!

Conquer Your Dreams in 2015 (Part 5) – 5 Ways To Spark Your Inner Motivation

Have you ever had dreams or aspirations that lifted your heart and made your life brighter?

Did any of those dreams fade away with the onset of “reality”?

All too often we let life get in the way of our dreams, goals and aspirations. At some point, the fire just seems to die…and so do our dreams.

The trouble is, a life lived without realizing dreams lacks the luster and shine that…quite honestly…makes LIFE worth living. And over time, as those lost dreams fade, your spirit does too.

REAL TALK:  No matter how AMAZING your goals are, at some point or another you’re going to lose steam.  It’s okay…this is a natural part of the process.

The trick is to find more fuel for your fire and fan the flames again.  Easier said than done, right?  Maybe…

Light Your Fire

I absolutely love this quote from Darren Hardy….

“Everything you need to be great is already inside you. Stop waiting for someone or something to light your fire. YOU have the match.”

YOU have the match.  

Today, I’m giving you some quick ways for you to tlight yoru fire.

Here are 5  great ways to stay motivated and ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS:

  1. Tell motivated, positive, uplifting people about your goals and dreams.  It’s important  you’re careful about who you talk to when it comes to sharing your dreams.   I know your goals are exciting and you want to tell the world about them. But, sharing your goals with the wrong people could stop you before you even begin.  
  2. Keep your goal in front of you at all all times. Create a vision board and put it up where you can see it every day.  You might also want to write yoru goal on index cards and place them in various places around your home, car, and office. The daily reminders will help you to maintain momentum and motivation for your goals. 
  3. Plan and journal about your dreams and aspirations. Fill the pages of your journal with the details of your dreams and the steps you are taking to accomplish them.  As you write, your dreams come alive and you become more and more attched to the outcomes.  Don’t have a journal…get one!  
  4. Track your progress.    So many times life gets in the way and our goals can get pushed to the back burner.  To help keep you on track set aside time each week to review yoru progress.  This process will help keep you from straying too far off track. 
  5. Celebrate your progress.  Achieving your goal is a process. It’s not just about what you get at the end of the journey.  It’s also about who you become in the process.  Set meaningful milestones on the way to your big goal and celebrate each time you reach one of the milestones.

Bonus Step

Don’t try to do it alone!  I’ve got some powerful strategies to help you set meaningful goals & ACTUALLY achieve them.

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