3 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Bring Your Dream to Light

You hear it all the time: “follow your dream”, “discover your dream”, “dreams do come true”. In fact, last week I launched a blog talk radio show called Walking In Destiny to help women live their dream lives. These phrases sound nice but, the question that everyone always asks is “How?” How do you go about bringing your dream to light?

These tips will help…

1. ALLOW yourself to dream.
As much as everyone talks about the importance of dreams, you’d think this would be a given. Amazingly, however, I find that most of the people I talk to have stopped dreaming. They’ve stopped dreaming because at some point in their life they were told the dream they had was unrealistic. And after hearing it enough times from others they started believing it too. A dream that once felt so good to think about and seemed so possible to achieve, suddenly left them feeling silly for ever having it. So they did the only thing we could do, they packed their dreams safely away, not to be shared again.

Does that sound familiar to you? Well, just because your dream is packed away for safe keeping, doesn’t mean it no longer exists. In fact, it might be the thing that keeps trying to get your attention! If you’ve ever had a notion there was “more” to life, listen up – your dream is talking!
How can you gently coax your dream back into the light?

You can ask yourself: “If money was no object, and failure was not a concern, what would I do with my life?”

As we get older we get more practical. But when you’re trying to unleash a dream there’s no room for practicality. Asking the question above will give you free rein to dream away! There will be plenty of opportunities for practical matters later on. For now, give yourself permission to once again dream and when you do, dream BIG!

2. Don’t judge your dream.
There isn’t a scale on which dreams are measured. In other words, one dream is no better or worse than another dream. Your DREAM is YOUR dream!
If, since the time you were eight years old, you’ve wanted to study the life and habitat of lizards, perhaps your dream is exactly what you need to do to feel your best and to live a life you find meaningful.

The consequence of not living your dream? What about the poor lizards!

There’s a reason you have the dream you have. In the big cosmic picture of life, your dream serves a purpose to all life on this earth. If you don’t live your dream, the rest of us are missing out.
The second tip for bringing your dream to light: Don’t JUDGE your dream. Rather, embrace it – it’s yours for a reason.

3. Practice patience.
Dreams take time to unfold, especially when you haven’t allowed yourself to dream for awhile.
Some people know their dream from an early age. For the rest of us, we need to remain open and curious as to what our dream is. Listen to your spirit, heart and soul and trust they have the answers you seek.

It may take some time for your dream to be revealed. Therefore, the last tip is to HAVE PATIENCE. It may take time to bring your dream to light, but it’ll be worth the wait.
Allow yourself to dream, don’t’ judge the dream you have and practice patience: three actions you can take today to bring your dream to light.

“There is a giant asleep within every man. When that giant awakes, miracles happen.” Frederick Faust

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