Build A Life Of Success With Powerful, Positive Language! {Episode #52}



Featured Guest

valmcleodSuccess empowerment specialist, Val McLeod is speaker, trainer, retreat and seminar leader. The moment she opens her mouth to speak, you know something wonderful is about to happen. Val is the Founder and Chief Facilitator of Conversations with V! – a relationship management Training & Development consultant firm. Val conducts leadership/management seminars, team building and staff development training sessions. 


Val shares with us…

  • What is EmpoWord? {pronounced, ’empowered’} 
  • How important is internal messaging to personal success? 
  • Can a person change the way they think, speak and act?
  •  How is opportunity connected to the words you speak?
  • Are there gender difference in personal messaging? 
  • What are things a couple can do to improve how they connect with each other using powerful, positive language?

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