Accelerate Your Path To Success


file0005668666621. Knowledge – know where you’re starting and where you’d like to end up.

If you were getting directions for a trip, the most important two questions you’d have to answer are “where am I now?” “where would I like to be?”  Planning your life is no different. Take an assessment of where you are in all of the major areas of your life (career/business, personal, spiritual, finances, health, etc.).  Then, paint a crystal clear picture of where you’d like to be including as much detail as you possibly can.


file2871273526205 (1)2. Support – Don’t travel without a guide.

I don’t know too many people who travel anywhere these days without their GPS devices.  Even in a city they’ve lived in for years, they don’t leave their driveways without turning on the GPS if they are going somewhere new.  Yet, these same people navigate through their lives without any direction at all.  The fastest and easiest way to get to where you want to be in life is to have a guide.  The most effective guide will help keep you on track and help you steer clear of the roadblocks and obstacles that may pop up.


file96912419934713. Expansion – Help someone along their journey.

Experience is an excellent teacher, yet most people choose to keep the lessons they learn to themselves.  Sharing the lessons you’ve learned does two critical things: (1) it helps someone else on their journey and (20 it solidifies the lesson for yourself.


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