The High Cost Of Not Finishing What You Start

An unfinished goal is expensive. It drains your time, energy, and money.

I imagine that you, like other entrepreneurs and small business owners, are paying this exorbitant cost not just for one unfinished goal but a multitude of them.

We are so creative and have so many amazing ideas that it’s natural to want to do them all at once. Even those of us who are experienced at getting results in our business get caught up from time to time. 

Just yesterday, I sent my VA the files for a new special training program. This is very exciting for me because it’s allowing me to share the key principles of prospering in business and life with entrepreneurs who are ready to make more money, serve more people, and have lots more freedom in their business.

Yet, as much as I am celebrating this moment of accomplishment, I am also kicking myself because had I focused on this one project instead of the 10 other projects I’ve worked on over the past few months, this offer would have been up and ready to go on my site at the beginning of the summer.

So, by multi-tasking—trying to accomplish 10 goals at one time, I missed out on four months of serving the people who need this information the most. During this time, I also missed the opportunities to gain valuable exposure, and possibly generate new revenue, for my business

That’s a HUGE cost!

It’s not a cost I pay often, but it sure stings when I do.

How about you? What are your unfinished goals costing you? Is it a price you want to keep  paying?

By the way, if you want to check out new free program, here’s the link: 

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  1. Great post Benecia. Something else to consider is the Law of Diminishing Intent which says the longer we wait to do something, the less chance we will actually do it.

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