7 Traps Keeping You Stuck With Unfulfilled Potential

Why aren’t you getting the results you desire in your life?

You have big goals and dreams and you know t.  There is so much unfulfilled potential in your life that it’s about to burst at the seams.


What’s keeping you stuck with unfulfilled potential?

I recently had the pleasure of reading John Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.  In it, he describes the traps that keep people from reaching their fullest potential.  As I read these traps, I felt that they particularly applied to Christian women who often put their goals and dreams on the back burner to meet the needs of others.

If you are feeling as if you’re falling short of your God-given potential read on to see if you are caught by any of these 7 potential-killing traps:

1. You believe that you will naturally grow into your potential.

It’s  time to get real.  Releasing your full potential does not just happen.  It is something that requires intention.

2. You don’t think you have enough knowledge to grow.

That’s why we have libraries, bookstores, the internet, and lots of experts with tons of knowledge.  Everything you need to know, there is someone who can teach it to you.

3. You are waiting for the right time.

Don’t get sucked in by the Law of Diminishing Intent.  The longer you wait to do something, the greater the odds that you’ll never do it.

4. You compare yourself to others and don’t think you measure up.

The only standard that counts when it comes to living your life to the  fullest potential is yours.

5. You are afraid to make mistakes.

Mistakes are a part of life.  In fact, the most successful women are the ones that have made the most mistakes.

6. You haven’t been motivated or inspired to grow.

I’m going to quote Nike here – “Just do it.”  Don’t wait for someone else to inspire you to grow YOUR life.  Create your own motivation and inspiration by thinking of all that you have to gain by pressing forward and living hte life God crated you to live – and all that you have to lose if you don’t. 

7. You think it should happen over night.

No, it won’t happen over night.  But it won’t happen at all if you don’t persevere.  Remember, it takes time to build something great!

Have you been snared by any of these traps?  Determine right now to break free.

If you want to experience the life success you know you can, it’s time to seize the opportunities to grow.

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